Control the Chaos Edu. provides courses for professional learning. Most courses include templates, demonstrations, and mentoring.

Courses are $25. Courses can be purchased as mini course sections or purchased in bundles.

You can bundle courses at the price of $300 email us for more details on bundling.

CTC Center Catalog:

Description: How can we support our students who are disruptive, unmotivated, or even disorganized survive in the blended learning classroom? Join us to see how executive functioning skills can improve your students’ learning.

It includes:

  • Resources to guide you through blended learning models

  • Resources to guide you through executive functioning skills

  • Design one blended learning unit incorporate at least one executive functioning skill


Planning a classroom reset after extended breaks can be tiresome since we know that the students have been out of routine.

It includes:

  • Attendees will take away strategies and resources to support students for a classroom reset

  • Learn review games that keep students engaged

  • Continuous teaching strategies

Description: Here is your chance to turn standing operating procedures into the standard that your students reference. Vital to classroom management by increasing efficiency and flow of the classroom, improve student independence, and decrease non-compliance. The team will present examples action plans and the strategies and methods to creating SOPs to Control the Chaos in the classroom.

It includes:

  • Resources to guide you through creating SOPs

  • Resources to guide you through creating a review game

  • Design your SOPs for your classroom this school year