Our mission is dedicated to support to controlling the chaos in classrooms worldwide. We strive to create an environment where students feel safe, engaged, and empowered. We do this through educating, advocating, collaborating, and creating.

CTC Edu envisions providing professional learning to educators, which makes them feel supported and capable of controlling the chaos in the classroom globally. The professional learning will support educators in creating an environment where students feel safe, engaged, and empowered. Educators will receive personalized professional learning that is customized to meet your needs.


Stephanie is the CEO of Gold EDU, a founder of Global GEG, and the EdTech Lead for Pickerington Local Schools. She is key to the embedding and implementation of EdTech tools across her schools and organizations. She has a masters in Curriculum and Instruction and is an adjunct professor for Ashland University.

She enjoys creating resources to support the needs of teachers and students that increases engagement and levels up tier 1 instruction. She builds relationships with co-planning and co-teaching. She loves sharing her resources and connecting with educators across the world via social media and professional learning. When she is not busy sharing her resources and connecting with other professionals, she is spending time with her husband and son.


Tara is currently Certified Crisis Prevention Intervention Instructor, Youth, Teen, and Trauma Informed Yoga Educator, Resident Educator Program Coordinator and an Academic Behavior Coach for fourteen schools. In addition to her roles in the public school system she is also an adjunct Professor for Ashland University.

Tara is key to embedding and implementation of Tier 1, 2, and 3 behavior interventions. ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and a Master's in Special Education is her education. She enjoys dissecting intense behaviors through functional behavior assessments and turning them into comprehensive behavioral intervention plans to support student progress. She also loves the pro-active teaching of desired behaviors for students that need that support!

When she is not busy talking about behavior analysis, you will find her trying to show the people she loves how they are her #1!